In this, our inaugural blog, I’m very excited to introduce you to Lessonate – a new learning hub and social network to encourage and support teachers in the delivery of the Computing Primary Curriculum.

Lessonate’s mission is to help and support Computing teaching at primary schools. The new Computing curriculum offers amazing opportunities to engage children and we want to make teachers life as easy as possible while delivering the most creative, amazing and fun learning experiences to their pupils. Is not easy for teachers to find the time to trawl the internet to find the best, most useful, relevant resources and that’s where we come in!

David and I (Carlos) met for the first time around six months ago at a STEMNET event at the Gazelle STEM centre located inside the Barking & Dagenham College. We very soon realised that we were both passionate about education and technology (or edtech as people call it!) and after a few meetings and coffees Lessonate was born.

David is a full stack developer and has been working in some of the most exciting organisations like Code Club and Technology Will Save Us in the education technology field over the last couple of years. He is also an active member of the CoderDojo and regional Raspberry Jams.

I have been working in education and community engagement over the last 10 years with a range of NGO’s and Local Authorities. Over the last year, I’ve become an active member of the emerging London Maker community and built my 3D printer at Fab Lab London, taking an Arduino course with Massimo Banzi in between visits to maker faires and other incredible events such as the Festival of Stuff.

Earlier this month we were accepted onto the BGV accelerator program and here we are on week three of the BGV programme! Lessonate is now very real and we are super excited.

We are now looking for Primary teachers to work with over the Summer, to help other teachers and contribute to the shape of the Lessonate lessons that will bring the Computing curriculum alive.

If you are interested in finding out more, participate or collaborate with us, please do get in touch!

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Lessonate Is Alive!